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Waterless Direct-to-Chip Liquid Cooling: Water Is for People, Not for Servers

Waterless direct-to-chip liquid cooling efficiently handles extreme power densities in high-performance computing environments and is imperative for protecting data center equipment.

The ZutaCore® HyperCool® liquid cooling solution delivers 10x more compute, 50% TCO reduction, and reduced CO2 emissions for a sustainable data center and industry.

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The Benefits of Cooling Ingenuity

CPI’s innovative ZetaFrame® Cabinet System seamlessly integrates with ZutaCore’s waterless direct-to-chip liquid cooling, enabling higher computing power at half the total cost of ownership without modifying current real estate, power, or cooling infrastructure.

Meet the new standard for data center cooling. ZutaCore® HyperCool® enables data center operators to:

  • Cool the hottest processors of 1500 watts and beyond
  • Eliminate CO2 emissions by converting waste heat into usable energy
  • Increase compute density by 10x
  • Significantly reduce TCO by optimizing energy consumption
  • Easily retrofit existing server infrastructure reducing both CAPEX and OPEX
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